Party time, first entry! Supernatural Moto Droid walls for all!

So, since this is the official first entry, I will lay out what my plans for this journal are: fun fandom creative... stuff. It will likely be mostly wallpapers for the Motorola Droid, since that's the reason I'm doing this in the first place. I didn't think my fandoms were all that unusual, but apparently nobody makes anything for them for the droid. I may eventually make icons, computer wallpapers, or wallpapers for other smartphones on my own, but right now I'm going to stick to what I want for my phone and requests.

I will accept requests for Moto Droid walls for anything, not just fandoms. As for projects in the immediate future, I'm working on more Supernatural walls, as well as walls for Spartacus, Legend of the Seeker, The Tudors, and Doctor Who. If anyone has particular requests for those fandoms, let me know.

Now - for the first batch! They're nothing super special, just HQ episode stills and promo photos from SupernaturalFansOnline.


9 Castiel
1 Castiel and Dean
1 Castiel and Sam
2 Sam and Dean
1 General SPN

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